Sunday, 23 January 2011


Well, on the recommendation of my good friend June, I have decided to set up my own blog, to show the world (or whoever follows me) my simple and very much beginner-like crafts.

Love anything artsy, although I can't draw to save my life.  Which is why I like crafting so much - you don't, in any way shape or form, need to be an artist.  Started making cards about 6 years ago, which involved loads of pva glue and glitter (oh dear!).  Decided then it wasn't really for me.  However, started up again last year, and discovered, that with stamping, you CAN be 32 years old and still colour in!  Even more so when I received a full set of Prismacolour Pencils for Christmas (thanks June!)  So I was hooked yet again.

Also dabble in jewellery making, which I love.

So I'll be posting both my greeting card creations, and some very simple jewellery making (which are great for gifts and adding something extra to that new outfit I just had to have!).

Be patient with me though, as I am very much a beginner, but hope you like my creations!



  1. Woo hoo!! Love your colours! Lynne warned me this is more addictive than Facebook lol!

  2. Hello! Welcome to the mad world of blogging. I'm also warning you, very addictive. Callum may never see you again LOL.
    C'on get some cards on doll!